Jazz Guitar Links

This list contains some of my favorite jazz guitarists on the scene today. They all are “Top Notch” artists and I really encourage any “Jazz Enthusiast” to check out their discography and buy their albums or go and listen to them playing live. We MUST support this art form and the artists that have dedicated most of their life mastering their craft. (In no particular order)


Rodney Jones is a legend among jazz guitar players. He started playing professionally at age 15 with Chico Hamilton and at age 18 he was hired by genius Dizzy Gillespie to join his band. I took some lessons with him while in New York City and my life changed. Besides being one of the best guitar players in the world, he’s also an incredible teacher. You can study with him online now through his program, Jazz Guitar Scholars. Do not pass on the opportunity to study with him. A teacher for more than 15 years in Juillard and for more than 25 years in Manhattan School Of Music. If you really wanna learn the art of Jazz Guitar there’s nowhere else to go


Cecil Alexander is one of the toughest jazz lions on the scene nowadays. A Berklee teacher now, he just released his first album on Kurt Rosenwinkle´s label. A true carrier of the torch of authentic jazz guitar, he’s a young musician keeping the lineage of jazz greats alive.


Besides being an authentic “Latin Music” scholar, Benjamin Lapidus is an outstanding Tres and Guitar player. He played his first professional gig at age 15 with Fania All Starts legendary pianist Larry Harlow “El Judio Maravilloso”. Enough said


What can I say about Peter Bernstein that hasn’t been written? He’s probably the most influential jazz guitarist of his generation and one of the most in demand musicians worldwide. I saw him live in Spain with Mel Rhyne in the early 2000´s and my life changed


Ed Cherry was probably one of the first jazz guitar players I was aware of in my early years because of a few Dizzy Gillespie concerts broadcast on the music French TV Channel Mezzo. A truly soulful player, his music is full of blues, swing, and meaning. Something all jazz guitar players should strive for


A Detroit native, Jacques was fortunate enough to take a lesson in his teens (against his will) with Grant Green himself. Currently living in Los Angeles he’s one of the ones that comes straight from the lineage of the true masters (Wes Montgomery, Grant Green, George Benson…) Besides being a musician he’s a master at Philosophy and Spirituality. As musicians we all need to develop a strong sense in these areas in order to learn to express ourselves from the inside of our spirits


Jason Campbell (JC Stylles) is an Australian born guitarist. Based in NYC for years, he became a relevant figure in the Uptown scene of the city. His style is full of energy, smokin´ on every track with a deep, clean and rich tone, he likes burnin tempos to display his “weapons of mass destruction”. Check him you


William Ash was a child prodigy. His “Thumb” playing is just something you don’t see everyday. He knows Wes´ style inside out. I can’t think of any guitar player so versatile in the bop language. Now he rarely plays guitar as he’s working playing bass with “Salsa Brava” icons like Luigi Teixidor, Alfredo “Chocolate” Armenteros or his band Los Hacheros.


Chicago-born guitarist Henry Johnson is as versatile as a guitar player can be. He’s worked with the best artists. His work goes from Organ Trios to major RnB groups. He’s one of the toughest jazz guitar players I can think of. Some of the giants he’s worked with are: Sonny Stitt, Freddie Hubbard, Grover Washington Jr., Stanley Turrentine, Dr. Billy Taylor, organist Jimmy Smith, Nancy Wilson, Marlena Shaw, Nicholas Payton, and many other great jazz artists