Telmo Fernández Organ Trio feat. Phil Wilkinson- The Soul Jazz Beat Vol.1

British organist Phil Wilkinson ( contacted Telmo Fernandez after watching a video of the guitarist playing with Brian Charette. Soon after getting in touch, they started a professional rapport due to the musical chemistry among them. They really had listened to the same music and had a taste for funk, soul and blues besides jazz.

Making a record was mandatory, so in the summer of 2014 they recorded almost 20 tracks in an “Old School” fashion. These tracks included jazz standards as well as some originals like the funky “Tooty Booty” and the latin-tinged “Lennis”. This album was released by Free Code Jazz Records and rapidly made a buzz in the European Organ Jazz Scene.

One tune breaks the mould—David Raksin’s «Laura.» Over Gómez’ brushes and Wilkinson’s organ chords, Fernández plays the ballad with considered, gentle, grace: a lovely end to the album.

The «Vol. 1» part of The Soul Jazz Beat Vol. 1 suggests that further volumes are on the way.

Let’s hope so: the Telmo Fernández Organ Trio gives these old school sounds a freshness that brings them right up to date—a real pleasure to hear. All About Jazz. All About Jazz.


Telmo Fernández Organ Trio feat. Phil Wilkinson- The Soul Jazz Beat Vol.2

This album is the result of an improvised session on an extremely hot day in Organ fans really enjoyed The Soul Jazz Beat Vol.1 so recording another album was mandatory but in this occasion Phil as well as Telmo wanted the skills and “pocket” of drummer Caspar St. Charles an ex band mate of Phil Wilkinson in bands like Fast 3 or being sidemen to legendary musicians as Brian Jackson (Gil Scott Heron) or (Blue Note Recording Artist) George Braith.

This Vol.2 turned into a funkier and groovier recreation of the classic Guitar-Organ-Drums Trio. The album included 4 original tunes. The guitarist´s own compositions “Chicken Fingers” and “Pot Pie” brought a classic funk vibe to the album. Soon after its release on Sweet Records, the opening track of the album “I Can’t Get Satisfied” was chosen for the CD “The Craig Charles Funk & Soul Lounge Vol.4” (Freestyle Records). A music compilation made by the BBC radio personality Craig Charles himself.


The Soul Jazz Beat (Vinyl)

This L. P was released by the French Label Atomic Soul and it was produced by Fabrice Garcia, who selected his favorite tracks and also designed the cover.

About this album the legendary organist and pianist Ronnie Foster (Grant Green, George Benson, Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson) said:

I´ve picked my top five tunes. All are great, but these are my favorites. First I’ll say that this music is the foundation of the Organ Funk Genre.

1- “Pot Pie” (Fernandez)- Great groove and melody
2- “Chicke Fingers” (Fernandez)- Reminds me of Funk Inc. Another great melody, funky funky
3- “I Can´t Get Satisfied” (McDuff)- Nice groove fun funk burnin´… get the crowd singing with you makes me smile.
4-“Onsaya Joy” (Holmes)- Beautiful melody, nice chord changes. These guys are always grooving. Beautiful solos.
5-“Vagabond Blues” (Wilkinson)- Great tune, nice melody and chord changes. Nice change of pace from the other tunes. Brings back the memories when I played with Grant Green.

The Whole album is great!!! These are the five that moved me the most. It’s so beautiful to hear this music still being played and appreciated. Bravo fella´s…Bravo…Beautiful…!!!
Peace, Ronnie Foster.


Telmo Fernandez & The Latin Soul Beat “El Maldecido”

This album is Telmo Fernandez’s most personal album up to date. The guitarist composed, arranged, and wrote lyrics for this groovy record. Based on afrocuban music and the NYC Salsa Brava music of the 70´s, “El Maldecido” is a modern classic that will not disappoint fans worldwide of Latin music. The album was recorded live at Estudio Uno in Madrid.

Like back in the day, the band played together in a big live room with no click. A 14-piece ensemble with a 5 horn section, vibes, timbales, congas, bongo and drums bring the authentic flavor of those albums from the 1970´s. A estelar group of top notch Cuban musicians make this album something to keep track of. Here ´s what the legendary guitarist said about the album:

“Telmo Fernandez is known to the “A List” of Jazz Guitarists as being a wonderful and soulful player. He is an Undiscovered gem of jazz guitar and so much more.

What most people don’t know is that Telmo is a genius and visionary composer and arranger. His compositions has the modern harmonic sense of a Herbie Hancock with the soulfulness of Stanley Turrentine. A rare combination indeed.

His latest album is nothing short of a masterpiece. Telmo has incorporated the best of jazz guitar, with a brilliant assortment of latin based tunes.
If you love music from the heart, soulful music? If you want to open your mind, and move your feet? If you want to discover modern latin music mastery, that makes you just feel good? This is the album for you.

This album is a work of brilliance and genius that never loses the human touch. It speaks of the heart’s journey and of love and life lived.
I listened to it start to finish, and enjoyed every note. You will too.”

Rodney Jones – Jazz Guitarist/Jazz Educator

Live at Funkameba

Telmo Fernández Organ Trio feat. Brian Charette- Live at Funkameba

This album is the result of an improvised session on an extremely hot day in July 2015. Again, the “Old School Concept” takes over the music bringing a high dosis of freshness and complicity to this recording. The trio reaches high levels of energy and virtuosity, like in Brian’s solo on Leon Spencer’s funky groove “The Scorpion”.

They also know how to get it down, like in the Down Home Blues “DM´s Blues”, a totally improvised tune when in the middle of the session the guitarist urged the musicians to just play The Blues. Real fans of old Organ Jazz records will find in this album the authentic feeling of those albums of yore. It’s raw, funky, bluesy, and greasy.



Eclectik Soul- “Rising”

Nonetheless they added Fernandez on guitar and Brady Watt on bass (Warren G, Talib Kweli, Ski Beatz…). The band played all over NYC, Mississippi, and New Orleans. They recorded this album in Jackson, MS. It includes Fernandez´s original composition Lola’s Dream and Let it Flow (Tawanna Shaunte Lyrics).
No obstante sumaron a Fernández a la guitarra y Brady Watt al bajo (Warren G, Talib Kweli, Ski Beatz…). La banda tocó por toda la ciudad de Nueva York, Mississippi y Nueva Orleans. Grabaron este álbum en Jackson, MS. Incluye la composición original de Fernández Lola’s Dream y Let it Flow (Tawanna Shaunte Lyrics).


Chip Wickham´s Blue Mode- “Space Race”

British sax/flute player Chip Wickham invited Telmo Fernandez to record a few tracks on this album. Recorded in Madrid, the music was first released in Japan on P-Vine Records. Just an anecdote about the American release of this album is that Fernandez appears as Tolmo Fernandez on the CD cover. Great compositions by Wickham like “Rice, Beans and Boogaloo” or “Repeat Again”.


Blue Mode - (Vinyl)

This is the vinyl edition of the album Space Race, released by French label Atomic Soul and produced by Fabrice Garcia, the director for the legendary Saint Paul Soul Jazz Festival in the south of France. It’s available on high quality vinyl with a beautiful design including some gifts.

“Space Race” is a tight collection of tunes with a distinct sixties soul jazz flavor, and titles Rice, Beans & Bugaloo, Tortilla Chip, and Black Mode Blues sound like they could be from that era. They seem to have captured the sound just right, with the production levels on par with the Daptone sound. A great album from start to finish. Recommended’.

-Tokyo Jazz Notes – May 2014


The Phil Wilkinson Set- “The Tip Off”

Fernandez plays on 3 tracks on this funk/jazz album produced by Phil Wilkinson. All original compositions by Wilkinson but James Brown´s classic cut “I Can’t Stand It”. Caspar St. Charles and Arturo Serra complete the guest musicians on this album.

The Craig Charles Funk & Soul Lounge Vol.4

“The Craig Charles Funk & Soul Lounge Vol.4” (Compilation)

This compilation released by British label Freestyle Records contains a personal selection by BBC´s radio personality Craig Charles. On this Vol.4 he included tracks by artists such as Brian Auger, Lisa Stansfield, Ginger Johnson & His African Messengers among others. Here ´s Craig Charles himself introducing the CD.

“So there you have it boys & girls- I give you The Craig Charles Funk & Soul Club Vol.4- the cream of the current crop, the choicest cuts of my favorite slices of the slinkiest soul, weapons grade funk bombs- it does exactly what it says on the tin… and then some.”

Craig Charles